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How do I change download location fron phone memory to external SDCard?

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I dont want downloads to save on device memory because it is small (1.5 Gb) compared to external SDCard (32 Gb). Firefox does not give any option to change location of download.

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1. Create the Donwload Folder on the external SD card:

 /mnt/extSdCard/Download ( =  /storage/extSdCard/Download)

2. Type about:config in URL

Create the String value variable browser.download.dir and assign the value of the folder on step 1. It is very important to use the proper caps, so check your folder name and put it here correctly.

3. Modify the variable browser.download.foldelist and set it to 2.

Close Firefox and close it from background also.

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Hi Jaya Kumar,

This is great. The problem is solved. Thank you very much.

I wonder why the Firefox developers did not provide the facility to change download folder in "Settings" or "Tools".

Regards, abcd567

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Thanks for your feedback, Please post it here

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You must first open your browser then click the menu button on your phone. This will probably be in the lower left hand corner of the phone. Select "Options" I think is what it`s called or "Settings". Then you should see a menu with all of your browser settings. Make the appropriate changes and viola. Hope I`ve answered adequately. Good luck!