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Installing adobe flash

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Hello I have a nexus 7 tablet and trying to install adobe flash player. I installed your Firefox beta as instructed online. Im getting error that it does not support my device! I'm not a wiz at this but I thought I went thru the right steps. Can I get some help to what I'm doing wrong, I'm getting frustrated.

HELP Thank you Criaten

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Hi Criaten, I sorry about the frustration, this is never fun. Since you are using beta, there are still some tweaks being made before the next release version. However I understand that you are trying to install flash. What instructions are you using: http://www.howtogeek.com/120277/how-to-install-flash-on-the-nexus-7-...

Will Firefox work on my mobile device? - It is in this list.

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You do not need a Beta channel build of Firefox (which currently is 32.0b2) to use Flash as the issue was you needed Firefox 27.0 or newer to use the old Flash 11.1 plugin on Android 4.4. after it came out on tablets/phones.

What Nexus 7 version do you have as there was a 2012 and a 2013 model. A easy way to tell if it is a 2013 is it has a camera on each back and front while 2012 only has one on front.

If it is the 2012 then it has a Nvidia Tegra 3 so the old Flash 11.1 Plugin is disabled.

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