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Is JavaScript automatically enabled on this browser

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I need JavaScript and superuser. Enabled to be able to root my android optimus 2.2 without a computer. I kept trying with just my phone's browser but it will not root. I have tried many ways and it just won't work. Anyone's help would be so very much appreciated

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In my experience, you can't root without having a custom recovery installed either TWRP or CWM and you need to overwrite system files by using a computer. I haven't seen any way to root any device without using a computer.

It depends on what Optimus you are using. There are several variants of the LG Optimus including the LG Optimus S for Sprint, Optimus V for Virgin Mobile, Optimus C for Cricket, and a few more.

Also, Javascript is enabled by default on Firefox so there's no need to enable it unless you went into about:config and disabled it but I don't think that happened since normal users don't know about it.

Since this is an off-topic question and not related to Firefox but rather your device, I'm going to close it. I would be happy to help you off of this forum if you would like. My contact info is in my profile page

Email is the best and quickest way to reach me. Before you do that, I suggest you go to a website such as xda-developers.com or androidforums.com