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Every time Firefox updates I lose my "Truteer Rapport" icon from my address bar

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I have "Trusteer Rapport" security for my online banking, when it is running correctly the icon for it appears in the address bar so that you can see it is working and add web sites to protect. Every time Firefox updates I lose that icon. The only way I have found to get it back it is to delete Trusteer Rapport from my hard drive and go through the registry and delete every item containing those words. Then I can download and install Trusteer Rapport.

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Usually it is a case of needing to upgrade Trusteer Rapport most times Firefox changes Version.

See this recent post with the necessary links

  • How can I get Trusteer Rapport working on V30.0, it stopped working once FF auto-updated my computer from V28?? I can not access our business bank account!!!! /questions/1005831

The links are mac specific but I am sure you will easily find the appropriate Windows XP links

From Trusteer: We recommend you uninstall Rapport's current version, use the Terminal to remove Rapport's old folders, and then install Rapport's latest version.
You can uninstall Rapport by following these instructions: http://www.trusteer.com/support/uninstalling-rapport-mac-os-x
Once Rapport is completely uninstalled, remove its remaining folders as instructed here: http://www.trusteer.com/support/remove-folders-mac
After completing this procedure, please download Rapport's updated version that can be found in this link: http://www.trusteer.com/support/rapport-installation-links
Please make sure to reboot your computer once the latest version is installed, and let us know if the issue was resolved.

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I don't use Trusteer Rapport, so bear with me on this.

Please locate the Trusteer extension in the Addons Manager { Ctrl + Shft + A } Then click the More ... button. Scroll down to the bottom and look at Automatic Updates. Is there a Check for Updates hyperlink? If so, click it to see if that forces an update of that extension or not.

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Clicked on "more" and updates but recieved the message couldn't find any matching add-ons

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Cannot remove Trusteer. Won't uninstall and can't delete Trusteer folder on c drive, "access denied"

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The instructions do NOT involve manually deleting the Trusteer folder on the C drive. As this is a security related program it may not be surprising that it will try to prevent deletion of the folder.

You need to follow the correct uninstall instructions. If you have a problem with them then it is a Windows / Trusteer issue and you would be best asking them.

I do note their site now specifically lists firefox 30 as being supported.

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Followed the first link and it worked perfectly. Many thanks.