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Url file:// opening problem after version 29.0.1 update

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We use Firefox as our default web browser, even to connect to our internal microsoft outlook web app webmail (microsoft exchange 2010 webmail). Since the last update, we can't use in the body of mails smb url links anymore : (file://Path to our local SMB share/). A new tab is opened, with the correct url, but nothing happens, the page stays blank. The same in safe mode, tried too redefine a user.js or pref.js file, search the web, without success. Any Idea ? Thanx for your help

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One thing to try is to go to the page manually, and
create a new bookmark / shortcut.

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Yes, it's true: support for the user.js/prefs.js exception allowing access to file: URLs in http:/https: pages was removed in Firefox 29. Due to popular demand, it will be restored in Firefox 30. See:

If you can run Firefox Beta (future Firefox 30), you can check that, or consider running the ESR version of Firefox, which may be better suited to organizational use due to its slower roll-out of new features. See: http://www.mozilla.org/firefox/organizations/

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See also:

  • bug 995943 - local (file://) links don't work even when configured for company's internal system

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