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Meet the Team

SUMO ( is a big team of many enthusiastic and dedicated people whose passion is to help all users of Mozilla's software and products. SUMO operates on the same principle that Mozilla does: a core of staff coordinating the operations and an army of contributors powering them.

Click here for a full list of the different groups of people involved in making SUMO happen.

User Success Team

The User Success Team is behind the critical aspects of supporting and advocating for the users. We partner with the Mozilla community to maximize user success and happiness.

Cross-Product Team

The Cross-Product Team provides the support platform and services (community management, content creation and end user support) to all of Mozilla’s product lines. We partner with the Mozilla community to make sure no user is left behind when encountering issues.

  • Firefox Desktop: Mark (IRC: marksc)
  • Helpdesk & Escalations: Rachel (IRC: guigs / [messages/new?to=rmcguigan send a PM])

User Advocacy Team

The User Advocacy team is the conduit for the voice, desires, and needs of the user, ensuring that they are heard at all levels of the organization. We distill data through both Qualitative and Quantitative studies, then turn these insights into actions.

  • Manager: Matt (IRC: Matt_G)
  • Firefox for Android and iOS: Rob

SUMO Developers

SUMO Developers are working with Mozilla community support on the technical aspects of the SUMO platform (also known as Kitsune). We power the site you are reading this on.

SUMO Community

SUMO Community members are the global army of do-gooders and helpers who are behind SUMO's international presence and success. We rock the helpful web!


Find a list of all languages and meet the team of translators for your language here.

You can also see the leading localizers for all the locales here (use the select a locale dropdown to choose a language).

If you don't see your language here and would like to start a translation, please [users/vesper contact Michał], he will help you get started.

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