Enable Wi-Fi on Firefox for Android

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This article applies to the latest version of Firefox for Android. Please update your version first to enjoy these features.

Some page load problems can be fixed by correcting typing errors, ensuring that your Wi-Fi is turned on, or by simply refreshing the page. The new version of Firefox for Android makes it easy to do all these things directly on the offline page.

You'll see this screen when a web page fails to load:

server not found 57 page not found android

Perform the following steps until you're able to load the page:

  1. Correct any possible errors in the address you are trying to visit. Tip: You can also perform searches here using your default search engine.
    search again 57 offline search android
  2. Is your Wi-Fi connection off? You can enable it directly on Firefox by tapping the Enable Wi-Fi button:
    Note: The page will reload automatically after the Wi-Fi is enabled.
  3. If the steps above don't solve the problem, the website's server might be experiencing problems. Wait a moment and tap Try again to see if the page comes back online.
If the page still fails to load after these steps, contact your provider or the website's owner.
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