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Importing partial list of bookmarks after update

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After installing an update this week, I can no longer import my entire list of IE bookmarks via the "import data from another browser" option, only about a third of my bookmarks import over. I can import via html file but this is not desirable for my uses.

Prior to the update, I was having script errors when importing my bookmarks but after stopping the lagging script, they imported fine. Still having those script lags intermittently after the update.

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There may be a problem with one of the favorites if the importing stops at some point and doesn't finish.

Maybe the HTML file can help to isolate the problematic favorite(s).
A lot of (deep) nesting may also causing problems or specific characters in the name.

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I don't think it is hanging on one specific bookmark, it ignores complete folders of bookmarks even though it gives me the "finish" option in the importing process. For some reason it is ignoring 2/3s of the folders that imported fine prior to this last update. Even when I do not get the lagging script prompt, it will only bring over some of the bookmarks. I can do a restore to a previous date prior to the update and it will restore all of the folders I need. Not sure if that info is helpful to you or not.

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Are you nesting the IE favorites in a lot of sub folders?

Importing may not work if the favorites are nested too deeply.

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I have 16 folders with anywhere from 10-35 websites bookmarked per folder. Would that be considered deep nesting? I have been importing this way for over a year with no issues at all until this week.

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Deep nesting is if you have folders within folders and that a lot of levels deep.

  • folder1 > folder2 > folder3 > folder4

A lot of bookmarks in a few unnested folders shouldn't matter.

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I don't have any nesting. Any other thoughts?

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Somewhat of a side question - why are you repeatedly importing your bookmarks from IE?

Usually that is something a person would need to do once, when they start to use Firefox.

If you are doing that to have the same bookmarks available in both IE and Firefox, you should look into a service like Xmarks or CometMarks which can synchronize your IE Favorites with your Firefox bookmarks, and vice versa. Or maybe use the PlainOld Favorites extension in Firefox so you could access your IE favorites from within Firefox.

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Lol, I enter sweepstakes, so I am constantly deleting and adding bookmarks. I edit bookmarks from Maxthon which is a shell IE browser. With Maxthon, I can upload my bookmarks as a backup. I like the adblock and noscript features of Firefox so I actually use it to enter all of my sweepstakes daily. It's convoluted, probably overly so. I will peek at some of those extensions. I would be happier if I could just get Firefox to do what it has been doing for me all along. :(