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Cannot use 1Password with Portable version of Firefox 11 or later

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FF10 Portable and the old 1Password Extension for FF10 are the last versions that will work together (there is a small Firefox INI file hack needed to get it to work). 1Password will not work with FF11 Portable or later, even with the FF hack. This is supposedly due to the new security model introduced in FF11.

I really prefer the security of using portable versions of browsers where all browser data (files, history settings, cookies, cache, etc) is contained within a single base folder that can be located on an encrypted (TrueCrypt) drive.

So I am stuck with FF10 Portable and the old 1P extension, and cannot upgrade either unless someone knows of a new hack. If not, I will probably have to switch to LastPass.

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Reading the description of how their new add-on works, I think you might need to talk to the Firefox Portable people about whether it can be supported (I'm sure this won't be the last extension to make this kind of change):

"...we changed it to use a websocket connection, which creates a localhost connection (internal system, no internet/network connection is used) between the 1Password extension and the 1Password app."

See: Comment #12 in Firefox warning 1Password incompatible with Firefox 11 / 1Password for Windows / Discussion Area - AgileBits Support