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Experament (test account) - It worked! But, I'm not sure why??

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Experimant (test account) It worked, but I'm not sure why!

1)     I created a test (new) account with administrator privileges.
2)     I downloaded FF 12.0 to the new account (I did not make any profiles).
3)     I opened FF and entered BBC News as the Start/Home page.
4)     I went to a random web site and dragged the URL to the Desktop.
5)     With FF closed, I opened the Desktop Bookmark/Icon/Shortcut, I DID get the corresponding web page.
6)     I then made sure all was closed and opened FF again, and got BBC News (the Start/Home page)
Now, that I find this working correctly in this "new" account (which I made just for this test), I am guessing that the problem must have something to do with our regular account.   So, now rather then to find the problem in our regular account, is there a method of transferring our files from our regular account to a new account?  

Actually, I would like very much to figure out just what is going on that is different between our regular account and the test account.

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If the new profile works then you can transfer some files from the old profile to that new profile, but be careful not to copy corrupted files.


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Thank you for the links. But, just to clarify, my experiment was not with a new profile, I created a new (test) account and downloaded FF into the test account without any profiles.

So, I would like to know a method of transferring files from one account to another. Also, is there a way to detect a corrupted file?

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It is still about copying files to one profile folder to another profile folder.

Did you have any problems with Firefox in that other account?

If you didn't have any problems with Firefox in the other account then there shouldn't be issues with copying files to the profile folder in the new account.

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Yep, I started setting up the new account and here is what happened:

1) I downloaded FF and set up 2 profiles.

2) I transferred the Desktop Bookmarks/Shortcuts from the old account to the new account.

3) When I opened each of the Desktop Shortcuts they ALL took me to the same web site - and the web site did not correspond to the shortcuts.

4) I then deleted the two profiles and all of the Desktop Bookmarks/Shortcuts worked correctly.

I'm have no idea what is going on here, why would the profiles have any effect on the Desktop Bookmarks/Shortcuts.

I also found last week that the FF profiles where having an effect on different size fonts on web pages. I dumped the profiles (saving the bookmarks) created new profiles and that solved the font problems on the web pages.