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Is there any setting in Firefox 8 and above to enable third party add-ons and extensions by default. This is required for our automation. Any quick help appreciated.

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Basically, my requirement is to get all the third party extensions/add-ons enabled by default. Though Firefox8 and above have disabled the third party extensions/add-ons, is there any way to customize the settings so that all third party extensions and add-ons get enabled by default in Firefox8 and above.

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First of all addon enable by default only feature is only for 10+ version
and this feature will not effective for Binary addon.
but you can try Addon Compatibility Reporter addon

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I had that problem once, the way I fixed the two addons I had problems with was to find and manually download the xpi file from the author's page. Once you have that you can edit the install.rtf file that is inside it.

Here's a guide on how that works.