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Since about a week Firefox crashes regularly. Now nearly everyday at first use and sometimes later

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Now its nearly every day at first use and sometimes later while working. Firefox is running all day as I use it together with Firebug for webdesign. So many tabs open :-)

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Firebug probably should not be used unnecessarily, it can interact with other extensions and cause problems. Multiple java console may also potentially cause problems or security risks.

  • Crash ID report : 86a43247-3eff-4659-8cf2-5eaa42111108
    • Signature: nsScriptSecurityManager::CheckPropertyAccessImpl(unsigned int, nsAXPCNativeCallContext*, JSContext*, JSObject*, nsISupports*, nsIURI*, nsIClassInfo*, char const*, int, void**)
  • Related bug Bug 674854 - crash in nsScriptSecurityManager::CheckPropertyAccessImpl

Try Firefox in Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode and without Firebug. Presumably you will have read Troubleshoot Firefox crashes (closing or quitting unexpectedly) Do you only get crashes when firebug is enabled ?

As a web developer and Firebug user you may even be able to discover Steps To Reproduce and post those in the bug yourself.

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Hi John, thanks for looking at it...

If I disable Firebug I might as well switch to Chrome... its the combo of fox & bug that I can not do without at any time :-)

Strange thing is that it happens whenever I startup FF and after the restart (sometimes 2x) it keeps going..

Not sure I know what you mean by "multiple java consoles" ?

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It is worth at least trying in safe mode and trying without firerbug to narrow down the cause of your crashes. (Do you always get the same crash signature ? )

If you find the problem is with firebug maybe a different version of firebug would temporarily solve the problem. The particular Crash ID you mentioned has a related bug, but so far no Steps To Reproduce, so although developers are looking at it they will probably not make progress without more input from those who see the problem.

Normally ordinary users do not comment in bugs, they are for the developers and those with the problem, if however you can reliably reproduce the crash it would be worth you posting in the bug.

I note your system info aside shows multiple version of java console 6.0.14-29.

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In safe mode FF starts normally. I got rid of the multiple Java's by deleting them from the program folder.

Reproducing the crash is easy... just stop and restart FF :-) But what to next evades me

When I restart after disabling Firebug there is no problem... Unfortunately thats no option.. suppose I will have to wait for a solution? and meanwhile just keep on restarting...

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Just on a hunch I tried starting up without the 4 app-tabs I usually have at start up and that seems to solve the problem for now.

FF starts normal and Firebug functions. Guess its back to the normal bookmarks 4 now.

Now see if others have the same cause and solution..

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Glad you are making progress on getting Firefox working again.

Are you able to for instance start firefox with only firebug and only one of the app tabs in turn to determine if it is one particular app tab in addition to firebug that causes the problem ?

If so would you please say what the app tab is & post a crash ID from when that happens, the developers may find that of use in sorting out this problem.

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As a matter of fact I re-enabled the app tabs 1 by 1 and tried restarting after each one and my problem seems to have gone?

Have not had a crash since...  :-)

Will continue experimenting later, for now duty calls rather loud.

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Problem did not reoccur... so solved tnx John

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