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in a word press moving photo gallery, the photos are not visible though slide change indicator advances

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more options On the above website there is a photo gallery moving banner at the top of this home page. When I first went on this site I could see the photos properly as they advanced. Then, the blog photos were changed and I could no longer see the photos. The banner on my screen is a complete blank even though the upper right circles indicate that "something" is progressing. When I first open the site I see a momentary flash of the site name graphic then the banner goes blank (white). Thanks for your help

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The script that loads the images doesn't seem to be working in Firefox 3.x versions including Firefox 3.6.23
The banner loads if JavaScript is disabled, but with JavaScript enabled a script replaces that banner with a slide show that fails to load the images.
It work in Firefox 4 and the current Firefox 7.0.1 version, so you will have to update if you want to visit that site.