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How do I access the session immediately prior to my most recent session?

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I know how to restore my previous browsing session, but how can I easily restore the session before that?

I have been keeping a number of tabs open for future reference, and had an unexpectedly short session soon after rebooting which meant that I hadn't yet accessed the previous session.

The only route I know would be to recontruct the session by combing through my history. Is there an easier way?

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No, Firefox only keeps one session.

A possibility is to bookmark all open tabs (right-click the tab bar).

See also:

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  • I clicked "Check to see if your Plugins are up to date."
  • It said I needed an important Flash Player update.
  • I downloaded and ran the update executable.
  • It stalled, said I need to close Firefox.
  • I closed Firefox, but the Flash installer kept telling me to close Firefox.
  • I found that the process 'firefox.exe' was still running in Task Manager.
  • I End'ed the firefox.exe process.
  • I hit Retry on the Flash installer and it completed.
  • When I clicked 'Finish' on the Flash installer dialog box, it closed and automatically re-launched Firefox.
  • All my tabs were gone. In their place was an Adobe Flash Player "installation successful" web page.
  • I looked in Firefox Help, was directed to the History menus, but the Closed Session, Closed Tabs, and Closed Windows items are grayed out.
  • Now I find that I cannot retrieve my Session.
  • It seems like a small task to store more than one set of Session tabs.
  • After all, even Microsoft has figured out how to store a last- and prior-to-last copy of the Windows Registry.
  • In short, FIREFOX SUX ! ! !
  • Failing to have a backup for something as simple as a list of open pages is purely retarded.
  • I'm switching back to Chrome.