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Can enter Cyrillic font in java applet with PC Firefox, but not with Apple Firefox (???)

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I have been working on a project which uses the Cyrillic font for a webpage output and which includes an applet which requires Cyrillic font for input. Works ok with Firefox browser on my Dell PC. I recently bought a new MacBook Pro and installed FireFox. On my project site I can select a Russian font OK when on the web page proper, but when I change focus to the the applet input box, I am excluded from selecting the Russian font. I think I properly set font option to UTF-8

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Хорошо. Am now able to enter Cyrillic font into my applet. HOWEVER, another issue remains: After pressing enter to process input, new window opens as expected with correct information displaying in window EXCEPT for drop-down menu bar that should display in green square of open window. I will open another suport question for this new development.