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I set up sync successfully, it syncs, and next time or a few days later, it tells me that sync is not setup. This keeps on happening again and again...

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This happened after I upgraded to v5.0. It also happens on my firefox browser at work. I have no problem setting up sync, and it does sync successfully both at home and in the office. Except that next time I check, just in case, the menu option is back to "Set up sync..." and I have to start all over again. Both my browsers are the same version. One runs on Windows XP the other on Vista.

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I have read the article you mention and I am trying some of those suggestions. I will know in a couple of days if they work. I'll post again when I know the answer to that. Thanks for your reply!

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Unfortunately that article did not help. The prefs.js file is fine, it gets updated by firefox every time I changed preferences, etc. However, the next day, sync is not setup. Yet, the sync info is all in the prefs.js file as it was the day before when it worked. What gives... Can anybody help?