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Is there a plugin that opens all tabs?

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Suppose I have 30 sites in a folder in bookmarks. I can select "open all in tabs," but when I do that, Firefox tries to open all of those tabs at one time.

What I would like to do is to have it so when I want all tabs in any one folder opened, the first bookmarked site in a folder opens in a new tab, then after a second or two, the second site opens and so forth until all are opened.

Is there a plugin that does this? I tried searching for "open all in tabs," but didn't find anything

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It is not one that I have used, but I believe the BarTab add-on may be of use to you. It does not do exactly what you are asking for, it will show all of the tabs on the tab bar, but it will only load the tab when you actually visit it -

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That looks like it could be useful and I'll certainly give it a try! Thanx for the link!