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Can anyone tell me what this "Kikin" popup is about?

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I've been getting this pop up for something called "Kikin" that says it's a browser update. If it's an update to my firefox browser, why is it coming in this way? It tells me to click update or upgrade now and that by clicking I agree to their terms and services. Well, I don't want to agree to the terms and services and I want it to just stop. How do I do that?

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Kikin is not a part of Firefox, it is an extension. If you do not want the extension you can uninstall it using the add-ons manager. Kikin have kindly provided useful instructions for removing it -

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Hi Liyhann,

As TonyE points out kikin is not part of Firefox; kikin is an extension. We work with various partners to get the word out about kikin. If you ignore the messages you're seeing, they'll stop. But why do that?

Check out what kikin can do for you! kikin connects you with your favorite social networks and websites while using your favorite browser. Imagine reading a review for the new Tron movie. kikin would pull in Tron trailers from YouTube, Tron tweets from Twitter, Tron status updates from Facebook and more!

kikin makes the web more personalized and relevant.

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Greg gregory.schnese at Product Manager kikin

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I'm afraid that the answers from by TonyE and TheSchnaz were off the mark. I'm getting the kikin popup ad even though I don't have kikin installed. (It doesn't show up in the add-ons menu). Since I don't have kikin installed, I can't uninstall it. This sort of popup ad is the sort of thing that you usually see with trojans. I don't know if kikin is a trojan or not, but I certainly wouldn't trust it. Regardless, how do you block the pop up and any other software associated with kikin?

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The 'useful' instructions at the kikin website were not useful to me. The actual program causing the popup was something called Viewpoint Media Player. Go to 'Add Remove Programs', and uninstall the software. There were 2 programs there, the media player and a configuration option. I removed them both.

In my case the software itself was required for the Aston Martin car configurator webpage to work, and I installed it myself a few months ago. I wasn't aware that it was going to use malware-like practices to try to get me to install other crap, and I don't appreciate those methods.

Aston Martin should be careful of their brand integrity - I won't be spending any of my money with them as a result of this experience ;-)

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As soon as I saw 'ViewPoint' on the Google searches for 'kikin' I realized I had also gotten this as a result of the Aston Martin vehicle configurator.

As Cheeley said above, go to your add / remove programs section in your Windows Control Panel and uninstall the two Viewpoint' programs and the popup will go away.

If they just asked for an update to Viewpoint I would have done it, knowing what I had previously installed. Why the name change, I don't know but it sounds too fishy to keep on my PC.

If I ever get the itch to use the Aston Martin vehicle confurator in the future, (such as if / when they have the Vantage V12 available to configure) I will install Viewpoint under Sandboxie, so I can toss it away once I am done with it.

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I had not been able to use 'Viewpoint' in Firefox when I went to the Aston Martin site. I had to use IE, which is NOT my favorite browser.

If 'TheSchnaz' is affiliated with 'kikin' and this is a new branch of the 'Viewpoint' software, I suggest that he ask their dev team to add that note to the popup stating it is updating 'Viewpoint' to kikin, and you would have less of an issue in the future.

As it stands, I personally see kikin as adware and potentially malicious, and will not use it unless it is sandboxed from my regular operating system. This is my PERSONAL view, your mileage may vary, but that's how I roll: If it looks suspicious to me, it goes to the sandbox.

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I don't know what "viewpoint" is or why I installed it. But it's gone now from this computer, still needing to be removed from another one.

There is no legitimate reason for trying to trick people into installing software through popups claiming that something you already have installed needs an upgrade when what they are doing is installing something new. It's a scam they are using to market their plugin, and mozilla should kick them off the site for sleazy marketing practices.

I read the description. It is nothing I would ever want installed on my computer.

But hey, if the trend toward universal sharing of your data and a total lack of internet anonymity give you a warm and fuzzy feeling, maybe it's for you.

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We here at kikin would like to apologize for this inconvenience and misunderstanding. We were unaware of this problem and we have since discontinued working with distributors using these pop-ups.

Like previous answers mentioned - you can get rid of these pop-ups by uninstalling Viewpoint. The instructions on our site won't help because kikin is probably not installed into your browser.

@yaso, kikin is not a new branch of the Viewpoint software

If you have any further problems, please feel free to let us know at