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Firefox crashes and moz19.dll, mozcol.dll, and shared.dll are in the call stack

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I'm running 3.0.13 on a closed network. I know this is an ancient version of firefox, but we have applications that need to be upgraded before we can move to 3.6 or later.

Firefox 3.0.13 is crashing and the windows debugger is showing moz19.dll, mozcol.dll, and shared.dll in the call stack. I cannot determine what this software is. I only know it appears to be a potential cause of the crash. Google searches come up empty. Any idea if this is some rogue plugin or security software in the way?

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What is the location of those files?

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c:\windows\system32\drivers\service\ddddddd\ where 'ddddddd' is a 7 digit number. It appears to vary by machine.