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Why Firefox downloading speed is too slow?

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Dear, This is true 100% that if we talk about security then, firefox is best because in clear history option we can also clear active logins and we can easily sign out from our accounts and hacking problem is little solved but....... Firefox downloading speed is very very slow specially if we talk about webistes like, Multimedia or live tv channels websites, etc. Firefox speed becomes more and more slow if we use multimedia live tv channels webistes. Even after having high speed internet connection,winxp sp3 with media player 11 but firefox speed is very slow if we use youtube or multimedia websites.WHY IS IT SO? If you correct this problem then, firefox may become more usefull.

Note: Internet explorer 8 with updates has 200 to 500% high downloading speed then firefox or every browser specially when we talk about youtube and live TV channels websites which requires very high speed of browser and internet connection with media player atleast 10 also.