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Apparently Firefox 3.6.4 has already been downloaded and now it wants me to downoad Flash Player 's newest version which is: 10.1 but it's not downloading on it's own. They suggested that I remove previous Abode Flash Players which I have now is: 1) Adobe

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Earlier today Firefox was updated and downloaded. It is Firefox 3.6.4. But now it's asking that I download Adobe Flash Player 10.1. It wouldn't download on it's own, so they suggested that I remove the previous Flash Players which I only saw (2)two. The 1st one is: Adobe Flash Player 10 Active X. 2) Adobe Flash Player 10 Plug in. So, do I remove these two and then try to download Adobe Flash Player 10.1 again? Thank you and I sure hope you have an answer for me, because I don't know what to do. Must I have Adobe Flash Player 10.1 in order for the new version of Firefox, which is Firefox 3.6.4? Linda 6-29-2010

This happened

Not sure how often

== Firefox 10.1 was downloaded today, which is 6-29-2010

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