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selecting alternate browser, how to

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trying to upgrade to service pak 3. Microsoft update won't work unless running IE. Downloaded and Installed IE8. Upon restart no browser loaded. Only when clicking help in the start menu did firefox load. Can I use both browsers via the start menu and how do I do that?

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== starting computer

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Do you have a shortcut to Firefox on your Desktop or in the All programs menu in Start? Does Firefox launch when you click it?

When you say "Upon restart no browser loaded." do you mean that clicking this shortcut didn't launch Firefox, that you don't have the shortcut, or that it used to launch automatically on computer startup and now it doesn't?

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The browser had opened up automatically. After going to the windows help and clicking for internet help the firefox browser opened and a link appeared on the start menu as a program recently accessed. Still can't find the microsoft browser that was installed.

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Huh, strange that you can't find IE after you installed it. It's not in All programs menu, right? You should be able to bring it up by opening Start -> Run and running iexplore.exe. If that starts it, you should be able to create a shortcut to it too.

If you find a shortcut, you can pin it to the Start menu so it won't get lost or drag it to the desktop.

If you turned it off, you can also make your default browser show up in the Start menu (it seems that Firefox is your default currently. If you manage to start Internet Explorer, it will let you set it as the default if you like).

If you want any program to start up when you log in, you can drag its shortcut to the Start -> All programs -> Startup folder.