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face book scrolling

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How do I stop face book from randomly scrolling? This is getting very annoying.

How do I stop face book from randomly scrolling? This is getting very annoying.

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Same problem here. Tried firefox in safe mode and erased my profile files.

All the same

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I get the same problem even with 103.0. Also tried disabling adblocker (uBlock origin) and no difference. I clean the cache and cookies, etc all the time with Privazer and still happens. Tried to view Facebook in Edge and don't have the issue so seems to be related to FF for some reason.

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jscher2000 - Support Volunteer said

a.boling91 said

Clearing facebook's cache fixed it for me after trying all other suggestions. Evidently this was an issue in 2013 and that was the fix then as well.

Hi, is that the same as clearing Firefox's "Cached web content" or is it something specific in Facebook?

(Firefox's web cache: How to clear the Firefox cache)

Yes it's clearing Firefox's cached web content, the problem had resolved until I did a recent update. Cleared cache (only need to select facebook) and it's back to normal again.

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