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Pinned Tabs Keep Disappearing - any fix/workaround/extension for this?

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Hello. My pinned tabs keep disappearing - I now understand what is causing this, but I'm wondering if there is a workaround? I'd really like for my pinned tabs to show on any/every new Firefox window.

ISSUE: If I have more than one Firefox window open, and at some point during the day I close them in the wrong order, I lose all of my pinned tabs, permanently.

As an aside ... just in case the devs are reading: this seems like a very bizarre choice for default behaviour; why make it so incredibly easy for a user to unwittingly lose potentially dozens of pinned links? It's also not very obvious why it happens and have seen numerous people struggling with this issue. However, I appreciate that's how it is, so I'm simply hoping there's a solution :)

Before anyone says: 'just use tabs instead', I normally do, however, for reasons I won't go into (related to a very popular 3rd party plugin) some things open in a new window by default - there is no option to open them in a new tab, so I regularly end up with more than one Firefox window, and it would be nice to know that one false move doesn't decimate all the pinned tabs I've made.

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