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New Windows updates have restricted what opens on Firefox.

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In the last few days, I've had problems opening attachments on my e-mail. This morning, new Windows updates have restricted even more of what opens on Firefox. I'm unable to open YT and Rumble videos sent in my mail and as of this morning, messenger no longer opens in Facebook. I can see the contacts and what is new there, but I get a blank white screen when trying to open the message (no video). The same is happening with certain newsletters in my e-mail with video attachments. This morning, with the new "update", it was strongly suggested I change my Browser. If I fwd my mail to Microsoft Edge, there is no problem. My husband, who uses the Microsoft browser, has no problems at all with mail or Facebook, even when I forward my problem messages, so it has to be with Mozilla. Duck Duck Go is also prevented from showing/opening on the FF Browser. Didn't we go through this back in the Netscape days? (And WIN?) And what can I do to solve this? I do not wish to stop using FF.

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