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Auto Updates for Enterprises

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What is the specific URL that is required to access auto-updates from the client? As an enterprise, we have locked down devices that have limited Internet connectivity. Our security area will not open the entire download area, so we are looking for the specific URL or web address that is needed so we can still auto-update clients. We want to move more people to Firefox, but need to get this working first.

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This is helpful. Are there prebuilt MAR files for Firefox Developer Edition? It was only mentioning stable and beta in the notes. I am also still curious what the exact download URLs are if we wanted to go with this option.

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Thanks for the information. Are all of these URL addresses required for doing auto-updates? It seems like a lot. Would this allow access to the general download for someone trying to do a new install. We don't want this capability. If possible, we only want to give access to the auto-updates for clients that already have Firefox. I believe the items listed would allow anyone with this access to also download the software if they did not have it. At one time, I was told that auto updates only required the URL, but maybe that was not accurate. Please confirm if it is possible to only allow for the auto updates or if all the URLs would need to be added to allow clients to auto-update.

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aus5 is where the update request comes from, but the actual update comes from a CDN.

If you don't want folks to download their own, you can remove

from the list.