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Sudden bug in filters

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I've been using TB for years, with several filters for incoming mails. In August 2020 I noticed that 2 filters were not working properly. One filter was moving the mails to the wrong folder, which continues after deleting the filter and setting the same as a new filter More annoying, one filter did the mails filtered disappear. In the settings of this filter, it was set to moving the mail but no folder was defined, although for years it was functionning properly to a specific folder, that still exists. I lost confidence in the filtering engine and had them desactivated. Does anyone know where I can find the lost mails : they are not among the deleted mails, neither junk, neither archives I should add that this is an exchange account, that I use with the Chouette add on Thank you in advance for your answers

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Please post the exact rules and actions of those filters - sanitize the content as you see fit.

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Thank you. Actually, one day later, the mails have reappeared in the inbox. It looks like being a problem with the sync through exchange (I'm not at all expert). I've not dared to reactivate the filters yet. The rules was (approximate translation since I use French TB) : If object contents "[LPV]" (executed at incoming and manually) then move to specific folder (wich had switched to "Choose folder...") My question is, when such a problem happens, is there a place to find the lost mails (I remember long ago having found lost mails in a "nsbp" folder.