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Why can I not save any page from Experian Credit report?

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I can save pages from the other two Credit Bureau websites, but when I try to save any pages from the Experian web site, I only end up with a blank white page on my hard drive. Doesn't matter which computer OS I am using. (Windows 7 or windows 10) There is no "save as .pdf" option at Experian, so I try to save as "Webpage complete," but can get nothing by a blank white page on my Hard Drive.

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Hi, if want to work on those google extensions you want to remove, ask another question and will be happy to help.

The site has some code so you can not print it, I would guess the want you to pay for a hard copy.

With your Win 10 you can take a screenshot, save it locally as png then print it.:

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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Thank you for your response; very much appreciated.

I read the link you attached above about doing FF screen shots. However, when I selected the page actions dots, the box that came up has no screen shot option. The last option in that box is "Send Tab to Device."

I know how to take screen shots with Irfanview, but it only shows what is on the screen at the time. Thus, if I were to do that, I would have to take at least 4 screen shots for each page of a document that is many pages long. I would have to take like 80 or 90 screen shots and even if I had a great amount of time available to me to do that, I don't know any way to merge all the screen shots so that I could SAVE ONE DOCUMENT ON MY HARD DRIVE, of that credit report.

Is there any way I can override their code which prevents me from saving the entire document, either as a html document, or a .PDF document TO MY HARD DRIVE? Can you identify that specific code and where it is in the document, so that I can look at it myself?

Thank you for whatever additional help you might be able to provide.

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Depending on what platform you use, you might be able to print to a PDF. When opening the print menu (Ctrl-P) on Windows 10, there is a "Print to PDF" option (in the printer selection menu) which can be used to print the current page to a PDF. In macOS, the same feature exists (small PDF menu in bottom left corner of print menu).

EDIT: From Windows Vista to Windows 8 you can also print to an XPS using the "Microsoft XPS Printer"

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