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I don't understand your steps on importing bookmarks from IE so I need more detailed information, where can I find it?

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Thank you for your time. I've imported my bookmarks from IE but then I click on the library icon at the top and the only ones that come up are my recently added ones. I have to go to the bottom of the list, choose show all bookmarks, then the library box comes up and I have to choose "From IE" folder. They come up fine then. How do I get my sidebar bookmarks to come up with my alphabetized list that is shown under "From IE" folder. also When I have the library box up and I've chosen the "From IE" folder and I manually move bookmarks around they don't show up that way when I choose Show All Bookmarks.

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There is a more specific bookmarks menu button you can add to the toolbar. You can add it from Customize, or use the "Library" button as described in the article linked below:

Does that help?