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Thunderbird links or attachments will open Firefox with single blank tab, but thinks it has two tabs open. However, if Firefox is already running it works ok

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Not sure if this is a firefox issue or a Thunderbird one... But I believe it is a Firefox issue.

When clicking on an attachment or URL link in thunderbird, it will try to open firefox or a new tab in firefox, if it is already running. If the firefox was not open, it will open it, with a single blank tab with no content or URL listed. If I click the thunderbird attachment or link *AGAIN* it will opena new window with the same blank tab symptoms. Trying to close the firefox window it tells me that I have "2" tabs open, even though there is only one visible.

If firefox is already open with a working tab(s), clicking on the Thunderbird attachment or URL works like it should and it opens a new tab with URL shown and goes to web address or shows PDF file fine.

I do not believe that there is a virus/malware on the system. I'm running latest release.

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This could be a problem with DDE.

Try to redo the default browser setting and temporarily set another browser as the default browser.