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how do I block all HTTP connections

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Address bar for my Hotmail accont has a grey padlock icon with yellow ! denoting mixed content ie some not secure. Instructions on how turn OFF mozilla blocking content show a button on the dropdown from the icon saying 'disable' and saying if you want to ENABLE blocking follow in reverse. There are no enable or disable buttons when I click the icon.

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This button you're talking about enables/disables tracking elements.

If you want disable mixed content, you shoud go to about:config and set

  • security.mixed_content.block_active_content = true
  • security.mixed_content.block_display_content = true
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You can check the Web Console to see what content this is about.

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Thanks for the replies, however you both make mention of things that I have no knowlege of. I dont know how to go to about;config and I wasnt trying to see what the content of the site was I was just trying to follow mozillas instructions to click on the button they have pictured but which doesnt show for me. I was trying to get sight of that enable button. Think I need a refresher course in general computer use. Just changed to windows 10 and seems I am now in a constant fight with microsoft to do things they way I used to. But thanks for taking the time.