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Is Bing the official Search Engine of FireFox and I'm not allowed to change search Engine?

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51.0 default to Bing and I wanted to change it back to Google. Changing the setting for Search to Google didn't help it automatically switches to Bing! I even deleted firefox made sure nothing was left behind and reinstalled but same issue. I don't care for Microsoft so my assumption here is that Microsoft is paying Mozilla for Bing to be the default search engine?

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The official search engine for Firefox depends on where on the world you are. You can change the default search engine to whatever you want.

Type about:preferences#search<enter> in the address bar.

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Ever since Firefox 34.0 Google is not longer the global default search engine in Firefox.

You can change what search engine to use in Search Bar or on the default about:home homepage as per

Also lots of search engine options at

What is the default search engine depends on the locale as for example en-US has had Yahoo as the default since Fx 34.0

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