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Pop-up exceptions are not working

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With the most recent release of FireFox 49.0.1 the web address I add to my Pop-Up Exceptions does not always allow popups. I have to repeatedly Refresh FireFox and reenter the web address to my Pop-UP Exceptions on both my MAC and Windows PC. My current work-around is as follows: 01) Start the FireFox browser 02) Refresh FireFox with all the defaults including 'Restore all Windows and Tabs’ 03) Add the web address to the Pop-Up Exceptions 04) Go to the web address, log-in, and do my work. Pop-ups work for a little while and then just stop. I have also noticed that if I close our of FireFox or reboot my computer, the pop-ups will not work again until I Refresh FireFox and add the web site to the Pop-up Exceptions. Is there any way to permanently allow for Pop-Up Exceptions in FireFox? Thank You!