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Syncing Firefox Bookmarks between PC, iPad and iPhone - how to make it a true sync?

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Just wondering if I there is a Firefox Sync setting that I have not enabled or something that I am missing about it.

I am using Firefox 46.01 on a Windows 8.1 PC and have Firefox Sync enabled. I also have Firefox iOS 4.0 enabled on an iPad and an iPhone. Sync is enabled and connected on all 3 devices.

The PC is really my master bookmarks list because that is where I do most web browsing. However I would still love to be able to add / edit / delete bookmarks on the iPad and iPhone - and have these sync back.

I can access all of my bookmarks on the 3 devices but to me it doesn't seem like a real sync. Unless I am missing something...

If I add a bookmark on my PC, it is accessible in the "Desktop Bookmarks" folder on my iPad or my iPhone. But... If I add a bookmark on my iPad, it seems to only be accessible locally - it doesn't seem to be accessible on my PC or my iPhone. If I add a bookmark on my iPhone, it seems to only be accessible locally - it it doesn't seem to be accessible on my PC or my iPad. I can't seem to add / edit / delete bookmarks from the "Desktop Bookmarks" folder whilst on the iPad or iPhone. Is that just how Firefox Sync works?

I don't want to have multiple bookmark versions (eg "Desktop Bookmarks", "Mobile Bookmarks") - I just want to have one set of bookmarks that can easily be accessed and added / edited / removed on any of the 3 devices.

Am I missing something? Do I need to turn a setting on somewhere?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Its very simple. Just check here

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As mentioned, Sync is already enabled and working on those 3 devices. Anyone else?