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Proper pinch zoom for windows 10 tablets (Surface 3) ?

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Hey there!

This may have been asked, though I tried looking for it and couldn't find much. So I'm using Firefox 46.0.1 on a Surface 3 (not the pro version), and I'm just wondering if we'll see proper zoom/ pinch zoom while using the browser?

Comparing to Chrome for a second - when your using that browser, on any site, you can pinch to zoom in or zoom out, just like you can with a smart phone. Its fluid and smooth. With Firefox, you can pinch to zoom it (or out) and its choppy. There's no smoothness to it, and then trying to revert (or zoom) back to the default screen size of 100% can be a pain.

Are there any plans to bring something like this for the touch screen/ tablet users who are running desktop versions of Firefox?



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