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On Mac OS 10.9.5 and latest Firefox. Can't upload through firefox, other apps/browsers are OK.

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E.g. can't upload photos to facebook can't upload files with wetransfer. Other browsers work OK.

E.g. can't upload photos to facebook can't upload files with wetransfer. Other browsers work OK.

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hi HansvanderBoom, are you running "trusteer" software on your device by chance? it has been identified as a cause for many upload issues recently... see for example.

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As a matter of fact I do and it doesn't run on the other browsers, so that might well be it. Gonna test it! Thank you very much, Philips!

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hi again, trusteer has released an update in the meantime that should address the issue. could you please check for us, that on the latest version of trusteer (here's how to update: there is no longer a problem with uploading files even when trusteer is active and get back to us with this info?

thanks a lot!

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Philip, that doesn't help because I don't have that version of Trusteer. My version I got through my bank (Dutch ING) and it doesn't even have the same console. I have contacted Trusteer and made/got a ticket for the problem. My version says I am on the most up-to-date version: version 3.6.1507.53 Configuration 2535603 Origin ingnl

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Add from received mail:

Dear Hans,

Thank you for contacting Trusteer Technical Support.

The issue you have reported is currently being investigated by our company experts and we expect it to be resolved in a future release of Rapport.

Thank you for your patience.

Should you need additional assistance, feel free to contact us by submitting the following form: We also have helpful information available in our FAQ:


Kfir L Tier 1 Support Representative Trusteer, IBM Security Systems

01/14/2016 03:30:23 PM EST [ System User]

Please fix Trusteer so I can keep using Firefox for uploading photo's and such to various web based applications.

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ok, the information we were getting is that this problem should be fixed with rapport version 3.5.1507.104 - but it may be that customized versions by particular banks are a bit slower to receive updates then...