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Is it possible to download Firefox on one PC without setting it up and transfer the complete app to another PC for installation?

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PC #1 (Acer) has high-speed wifi, PC #2 (HP) does not. The application is for PC #2 (XP), not PC #1(Win 7). Update on PC #2 failed. Recommended acction was to download latest version. All I can download is the stub. Download speed on the HP is too slow to initiate a setup. Is it possible to download the entire Firefox application on the high-speed PC but install it on the slow PC?

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Grab the full, off-line installer package from here:

Transfer it to the other PC via a USB Flash drive.

Firefox 43.0.4 downloaded via WIn7 isn't an issue, but won't download to WinXP or some Vista PC's though. (Vista needs a KB to upgrade SHA1 - to meet new security protocols. Another 'nail' in WinXP's coffin; won't download, but will install.) You would need to start with Firefox 43.0.1 and then Update Firefox using Help > About Firefox to have the latest version. If that's you situation, let us know and one of use can provide a link to Firefox 43.0.1.