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Firefox crashes - Most recent below. Please help.

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Submitted Crash Reports Report ID Date Submitted bp-f537e15c-ecce-4f50-a7b0-a09db2160105 1/4/2016 8:24 PM bp-a33a981b-b391-4522-9882-315802160105 1/4/2016 8:19 PM bp-7153bfd4-2761-4425-b3c2-1e87d2160104 1/4/2016 3:49 PM bp-9f2a1649-032e-4410-966c-4fb2d2160104 1/4/2016 11:48 AM bp-76273e62-a0c2-4459-a3b6-a68312160104 1/4/2016 11:48 AM bp-37f1a61f-956d-463a-bec6-c39542160104 1/4/2016 11:48 AM bp-75d3df03-b217-4f07-80d9-ffc9f2151230 12/29/2015 8:56 PM 89d5bc38-d759-45d8-8867-e0ca011b615a 12/29/2015 8:56 PM 40cf2501-a806-4987-a688-9bdfa71fe3fa 12/29/2015 8:54 PM bp-e8649547-9068-401e-b090-41e782151228 12/28/2015 4:05 PM bp-0048c3ca-5b86-4c8d-bede-99ee52151228 12/28/2015 11:48 AM 988e6496-8bc5-4571-bf0f-fe74608d34c8 12/23/2015 6:34 PM bp-5777c026-69e7-4169-8916-f85552151216 12/16/2015 10:17 AM bp-a35b5835-207c-4925-b1c7-62faa2151210 12/10/2015 3:58 PM bp-b36b330f-5b4e-4a56-99b0-80a322151209 12/9/2015 10:47 AM bp-c3fdef72-0658-4813-91a8-cb8d12151209 12/8/2015 7:16 PM bp-e46ba471-bc99-4ef3-b00a-222752151209 12/8/2015 7:12 PM bp-bfd485b1-3e7e-47ed-a4f0-ea9992151208 12/8/2015 1:06 PM bp-73532fc8-9dcb-4944-82cb-4aaee2151204 12/3/2015 10:25 PM bp-54e064bd-f74e-47f8-a1c4-bc65d2151204 12/3/2015 9:16 PM bp-d5819ce6-f9eb-49b9-8008-0001c2151204 12/3/2015 8:43 PM

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Product Firefox Version 43.0.3 Build ID 20151223140742 Release Channel release OS Windows NT OS Version 6.3.9600


Signature recv | _PR_MD_RECV

Nothing Flagged ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ bp-7153bfd4-2761-4425-b3c2-1e87d2160104

Signature recv | recv | _PR_MD_RECV

Nothing Flagged ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ bp-f537e15c-ecce-4f50-a7b0-a09db2160105

Signature NtReleaseMutant

Nothing Flagged ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ bp-9f2a1649-032e-4410-966c-4fb2d2160104

Signature NtReleaseMutant

Nothing Flagged

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I've called the big guys to help you. Good luck.

Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web Link} by holding down the <Shift>
key, and then starting Firefox. Is the problem still there?

Start your Computer in safe mode with networking. Then start Firefox. Try Safe web sites. Is the problem still there?

Starting The Computer In Safe Mode;
Free Online Encyclopedia

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Sometimes a problem with Firefox may be a result of malware installed on your computer, that you may not be aware of.

You can try these free programs to scan for malware, which work with your existing antivirus software:

Microsoft Security Essentials is a good permanent antivirus for Windows 7/Vista/XP if you don't already have one. Windows 8 has antivirus built-in already.

Further information can be found in the Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware article.

Did this fix your problems? Please report back to us!