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HTML5 does not work in the version for Ubuntu

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Hi! In Ubuntu installed version 24 of Firefox, and there does not work HTML5. For example, at the site files are played, but at the browser on Ubuntu only visible inscription "Download."

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Hi! alex,

 First of all upgrade your Firefox browser to version 32. I have noticed that old versions sometimes create problem with HTML5 in ubuntu It is available in Ubuntu repositories.  Now in Firefox 32 you audio files are playing perfectly! :)

 Let me know if you need more help! :)
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I tried to download a new version of Firefox, left a message that I am using the latest version of the browser.

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Files can not be played

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Can you attach a screenshot?

  • Use a compressed image type like PNG or JPG to save the screenshot
  • Make sure that you do not exceed the maximum size of 1 MB

Do you have GStreamer support installed on your computer to play MP43 files via the audio tag in the HTML5 media player?

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Did not I attached screenshots? You do not see my screenshots? Or are you kidding?

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Sorry, I did not read everything. :) How to install GStreamer?

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I am web designer and important to me, so that users can view my sites without installing extra software other than the browser. In Google Chrome for Ubuntu my sites work fine.

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Sorry. I appear to have missed the screenshots and your last replies.

I had loaded the link via the first reply by Deepanshu Thakur (/questions/1018791#answer-624970) (the others weren't there yet) and hadn't refreshed the page before submitting my reply or stayed long enough after submitting my reply to see your three subsequent replies with the screenshots.

You would have to check the software installation in your Linux distribution and search for GStreamer to see if you have it or if it is available via the repositories of your distribution.

Do the media links on the above posted test page all work or does the MP3 fail there as well?

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Also make sure that you have installed and enabled the Shockwave Flash plugin.

You can find the latest Flash player versions for Firefox on this page:

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Ok, I get the page as in your screenshot when the Flash and Silverlight (Moonlight) plugins are disabled. So you either do not have Flash installed or the plugin is disabled.

  • Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Plugins
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On page audio plays normally, but on my site does not play

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HTML5 audio works without Flash (at least in Windows 7). Adobe Flash player I can not install. How to do it?

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You should try to save the RPM file and see if you can open the file via your software management.

Otherwise you can save the tarball and extract the Flash plugin ( file to a location that Firefox scans for plugins.

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I installed the flash plugin by line in the terminal: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer

But in Mozilla flash on sites still do not work

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Do you see the Flash plugin in Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Plugins? Note that 32-bit Firefox versions need a 32-bit Flash plugin.

If you installed the 32-bit Flash version and Firefox didn't pick up the plugin then you can try different locations for installing the plugin. That can be creating a plugins folder in the current profile folder or a plugins folder in the .mozilla directory (~/.mozilla/plugins/ in your home directory.

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There no flash plugin in plagins list:

Is possible to install flash plugin without creating folders manually?

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You can install the Flash plugin in the same folder as other plugins that show as installed.

You can find the installation path of all plugins on the about:plugins page.

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Hi! I downloaded file firefox-32.0.tar.bz2 . How to upgrade firefox?

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Normally you should be able to update Firefox via "Help > About". If you see a message that update are available then you need to start Firefox as a root user. If there is nothing in "Help > About" about updating then you have a version from the repositories and you either need to update via your Ubuntu software management or install the full version.


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