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Firefox presents 1-5 "unresponsive script" warnings when loading almost any page

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For the past few months, my Firefox has tended to hang occasionally or produce "unresponsive script" warnings on a few particular websites. At first I simply avoided those sites, but in the past week or so it's been happening more and more often on more and more sites. After installing the latest Flash update, I've found that almost any time I try to load a page from any site, Firefox displays 1-5 "unresponsive script" warnings, and takes a very long time to acknowledge when I click "Stop Script", so that it will take 5-10 minutes before it can load the page at all. I've found that I do not have this problem as long as either Shockwave Flash or Javascript is disabled, so I suspect it is some interaction between the two, but I would like a more long-term solution!

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Yeah you already found the most responsible reason that Flash ,so to remove this flaw you have to use a stable version of Flash player . For that first set your firefox flash player to "install manually updates". read this support thread :

these are about unresponsive sites help thread .

you can also try this: 1. to go to a website that have a flash video, such as youtube 2. right click on the video then select "global settings", this will open up the flash player setting manager 3. click on the advance tab 4. under "browsing data and settings", click "Delete All".

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I was looking thru your system details, and there was no player listed.

Shockwave Flash v14. The link for Flash Player is: