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How do I remove a bookmark that has a star from the awesome bar?

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isn't there some way to permanently remove an entry from the awesome bar? This is also a very annoying problem. If a site is a bookmark then sure it can be deleted from the drop down list, but the next time you go to the awesome bar it is there again. I want to be able to permanently remove a bookmark from the awesome bar. Period. How the heck can I type in a site that is a bookmark that I do not want to appear in my drop down list in the awesome bar?

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You will see bookmarked sites with the default setting for the location bar

If you have visited a bookmarked website then this URL becomes an history item.

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You need to understand my question. As a user, I do not want to delete or eliminate all bookmarked sites. On occasion, however, I only want to delete only a single or a few websites from their bookmarked status and stop them from appearing on the drop down list in the location bar. So, for example, if I see in my drop down list: and all are bookmarked sites and I just want to stop from appearing in my awesome bars' drop down list every time I enter the letter "A" then that's what I want to do. I do not want to stop or from appearing in the drop down list. There must be a way to permanently stop from appearing everytime I look at the awesome bars' drop down list.

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Dear Firefox Representative: Why is it so difficult for you to understand my above question? I've looked at the Privacy tab. I've looked at the History section. I can see the various check boxes. Not checking: Remember my browsing and download history doesn't satisfy my question. Because it will apply to all browsing and download history. Not checking: Remember search and from history doesn't satisfy my question. Because it will apply to all search and from history, not just a particular site that I don't want to appear anymore in the list. Re: Cookies....Well, if there was a way to remove what I am trying to remove as explained in my previous post then this shouldn't be a problem anymore. Unless when and if there is a way to just remove what I am trying to remove that any cookies from such site are deleted too. Suggesting Nothing for the Location Bar...Sure that will not show anything, but if it is later reset to show History and Bookmarks the problem still exists. What you folks at Firefox need to do is create a way to permanently eliminate a site from appearing in the location bar that is not wanted anymore without applying to other sites listed. On or Off applies to everything, and that is not what is needed here.

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There is no way to hide specific entries in the location bar drop-down list if those are bookmarks and have been visited as well. You would have to remove the bookmark to be sure that the URL won't show up.

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