About Mozilla Rally

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Mozilla Rally is currently available only in the U.S. to users who are age 19 and older.

Mozilla Rally is a program that allows you to donate your browsing data to help us understand the Web, how people interact with it, and how people use their browsers (see this Mozilla Blog post for more information). Participation in Mozilla Rally is strictly voluntary.

By participating in these studies, you put your data to work for a better Internet. Our goal is to better understand topics like ethical AI, online privacy, algorithmic bias, discrimination, and misinformation.

These studies will collect varying information about your browsing behavior, possibly including what web pages you visit and how you interact with them. The data you agree to share with Mozilla (the makers of Firefox) helps create tools for better internet transparency and design products that give control back to the people who use them.

At first, Mozilla Rally will be available for Firefox only, but you can join the waitlist to get notified when it's released for other browsers.

Data and privacy protection

We protect your privacy by ensuring the following:

  • Your data will not be sold.
  • We follow principles for good digital consent that allow you to be in control and aware of the information you're sharing at all times.
  • The data we collect from you is not connected to your name, email address, or IP, and you are only identified by a randomly generated number
  • We don’t collect browsing information when you are in Private Browsing. If a future study requires collection of your data in Private Browsing mode, Mozilla Rally will show you a warning note at the time of enrollment.
  • Every time you join a study, you will be prompted to read its Privacy Consent Notice.
See the Privacy Policy and Mozilla Rally - Managing account data article to learn more.

How do I participate?

  1. First, visit the Mozilla Rally website.
  2. Click the Install Rally for Firefox button in the upper right corner to install the add-on.
    Install Rally
  3. The notification panel will appear to confirm the installation.
  4. After the installation is finished, the Mozilla Rally icon Rally icon will be added to your toolbar.

Join a specific study

  1. Click on the Mozilla Rally icon Rally icon to be taken to a new page where you will find all studies available to you.
  2. To join a study, click on the Join Study button.
    Join study

Opt out of a study

  1. Click the Rally icon Rally icon to be taken to your current studies.
  2. Find the study you want to opt out of and click the Leave Study button.
    Leave Study

Withdraw from Mozilla Rally

  1. Click the Rally icon Rally icon to be taken to your current studies.
  2. Click the Leave Mozilla Rally button near the bottom-left corner of the page.
    Leave Rally

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