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Shawn (Firefox4life78)

New Jersey, US


  • Shawn - find me in #sumo or in a bookstore

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Hi! I'm Shawn. I have been a SUMO contributor since early 2009. I thoroughly enjoy contributing because Mozilla puts its users first, not profits.

I've had a passion for technology ever since I was a kid. I broke several computers when I was young trying to "fix" them - I learned the hard way that you aren't supposed to delete the system32 folder! I learned all about technology from trial and error.

I have been lucky enough to turn my love for cyber security into a career. When I'm not at work, I volunteer at a children's hospital, swim, and horseback ride.

You are likely to see me on the forums or IRC as 'Shawn.' I love helping new contributors so feel free to ask me anything (I stole that from Reddit).

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