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How to remove icons from bookmark toolbar


How do I remove the icons from my bookmark toolbar without removing the icons for the back/forward, reload, home buttons?

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You might find a solution in this thread from earlier today: How do I keep the icons out of my Bookmarks Toolbar (tried Bookmarks Deiconizer) even after downloading files?

Does that work for you?

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I've had bookmark deiconizer for a while, but I'm getting a message that's not compatible with Firefox 22.0. I don't understand why Firefox just doesn't fix this problem themselves. Thanks.

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2366 soluções 20923 respostas

Hi cwitt93, the problems with Deiconizer were reported when Firefox 20 introduced per window private browsing (each Window can be regular or private). Apparently the extension was not designed to handle that change and the author chose not to update it. That's why the other thread describes some style rules you can apply to Firefox.

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You could try the instructions here:

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