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Firefox won't stop downloading

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About 5 to 10 minutes after I open Firefox, and the web page is completely loaded, Firefox starts downloading and the Active Stop Button add on won't stop it. All this stuff is downloading for 20, 26 to 30 minutes and I cannot go anywhere, or use the internet. In the Local Area Connection Status window it is sending and receiving packet after packet. I am using WinodwsXp, I have run Super Anti-Spyware, Malewarebytes Ani-Malware, Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit, Norton Power Eraser, and Norton 360 is always on/up to date. Windows is always up to date also. I do not have Firefox, or Norton, or Windows, or all the other programs like Java, Flash, Acrobat Reader etc, set to automatically update, I have a slow connection. I always keep everything updated manually. Everything is updated. The 3 extentions I have, are set never to automatically update. Is there something in Firefox that automatically updates every time you connect to the internet/open Firefox, which cannot be turned off? Is it a new feature which came with the last update of Firefox? Could this be my internet provider? Is it some sort of surveilance which is always there to react instantly and keep the connection active? Is this Norton Safe Surfing, or Identity Safe which automatically updates and cannot be turned off? This has been a problem for the last month now, and I am scared and angry. I do not know what this thing that is running is, and what it is downloading. It is aggrevating. It downloads and downloads and then finishes as if it is an update, it only does this when I am actively online. If I close Firefox it stops. Then the next time I go online, it starts again until it is finished. Every day it does this until it is complete, and then my hard drive sounds like it is installing an update or something. I have checked the Firefox downloads window and I am not downloading anything. Please help me,

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What are the names of the files? That is your beginning. One option is to isolate your computer from the web while you get back control.