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FF does not allow me to sign out of Hotmail, OK in IE.

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When I sign in to Hotmail using FF then sign out I get a message signed out, MSN services complete, sign out not complete Hotmail. Using IE the sign out is successful. I have tried to clear history, cookies, cache and several other things with no success.

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Which cookies did you clear?

Hotmail may be using cookies from a few different domains, so you need at least delete the and cookies and maybe other msn cookies as well

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Fix for Sign-Out Hotmail = Completely..

Vista-Ultimate32-SP2 (x86) [U.S.Version] No - MSN messenger √ Firefox 11.0 [Windows] √

Updated Search Engine to “ixquick”. • Ixquick…..!!!!...

     o	 As of January 28, 2009, Ixquick no longer records users' IP addresses at all.
     o	 Believe me when I say once you have gotten ixquick “ set properly” 
            	you will kick yourself for putting up with Micro$oft’s ..&&.. Google’s piracy and privacy abuse…!!!


Delete and removed all references and options of Google/Bing Search engines…”these search engines  have  the most radical and intrusive search Plug-ins and filters that hinders Firefox users and web surfing privacy” and speed …!!!!!!


When you log-in to hotmail the following harmful cookies (Beacon cookies / Candy cookies), web security filters and tracking functions are Automatic:::

Such as:

…. If you decide not to follow this step = removal of these harmful search engines..

Please understand that this fix was done under the [above] mention conditions of removing search engines -plug-ins, filters and tracking $oftwares.


"So that signing out of can be done successfully"..!!!!

Step :: 1. Silverlight Plug-In [version; 3.0.50106.0] =

      •	Install
             i.	 The best M$_compatible version for Firefox {All}
            ii.	 “Prevent”  Window’s update of  {Silverlight}..!!

• *** After Installing >

             i.	In Firefox/goto ..>>
            ii.	... Addons..>>
           iii.	Plugins (section)
          iv.	 Silverlight..>>.. =Disable.. 

Step:::: 2. Set Firefox Pref (about:config): privacy.popups.disable_from_plugins = 3

Step ::: 3. Set Firefox Pref. (about:config): image.animation_mode [string] = none

Step ::: 4. In Firefox.. Goto ..>>

      •	..options..>>
      •	Content {Tab}…>>>
      •	Enable JavaScript (√/check)..
             i.	Click >Advance (button) …>>.."remove All check marks"… •	.. click OK…

Step  ::: 5. Restart Firefox

Step  ::: 6. Manually Type: {Address bar}

    	Uncheck (Clear)…. “Keep me signed in” [box].
    	Bookmark this Link: { user” preference}…

Step  :::: 7. Log-In (do your thing)

      •	Note .. Tab activity will look very busy and intermittent for a few seconds = normal

Step  ::: 8. Sign-out = Complete …”..???..”

      •	Note: Sign out will redirect you to
      •	How-to: Confirm sign out complete and successful..??
             i.	Close tab (
            ii.	Do not close Firefox
           iii.	Launch (Bookmark or address bar) again.
           iv.	If log in windows appears:  
                             1.	web page ask for:: address and password 
                            2.	This is Confirmation that log out procedure was successful..…..!!!

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This is clearly a very comprehensive and detailed answer. What does it mean? Can anyone translate it into English?