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huge number of page faults .. amost 5 million in 4 hrs operation .. running XP on HP Pavilion laptop

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I prefer Firefox to IE for a number of reasons.

Lately I am experiencing slow operations .. noticed huge number of page faults for firefox.exe 4,710,333 in 4 hrs operation in task manager.

Running XP on HP Pavillion laptop with 2Gb memory with Avast virus protection.

3 recent scans show no viruses. Cleared all cookies etc and .tmp files.

Yahoo Messenger 11 and svchost 1560 also have high page faults .. 1,971,264 and 1,193,792 respectively.

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Sounds that your computer runs out of memory and start to swap pages to disk.
You can try to close unneeded applications to free some memory.

You can check the memory usage in Firefox on the about:memory page.
You can open about: pages via the location bar like you open a website.

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Re: excessive page faults. Closing unneeded apps is not helpful. The excessive page faults -27million after running Firefox for about 3 hours happen even if FF is the only thing running apart from Winxp files and minor antivirusware. This only started when I downloaded FF 8 in Nov 2011. I am really fed up because eventually things slow down and webpages won't open. I really would like to go back to an earlier version. So, does anyone else have a solution to this?