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Contacts don't appear in email

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I'm in Firefox 5.0

I'm having an off-and-on problem with my CONTACTS not appearing in the TO, CC, or BCC fields when I try and send/reply to emails.

I haven't added anything/changed/deleted anything. I'll open and close the browser, come back a few minutes/hours later, and they work again, then go away, etc.

What do you think.

100% working in IE.

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What email service are you using?

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HI Weather 15:

I'm using email

Their newest email version powered by YAHOO with the DEEP BLUE background at the top per the attached gif.



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I would suggest checking to make sure your plugins are up to date. You can do so by visiting this webpage . I would also suggest updating to Firefox 5.1. You can do so by following the instructions in this support article Update Firefox to the latest release. Let me know if this helps.

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It took 17,000 tries (kept getting compatibility errors) but FINALLY got 5.01 loaded.

Contacts loading in email and will keep you posted.