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I had to over write windows 7. When I did this , it took all my ols settings and placed them into the "windows old" folder. I am having a problem locating my old bookmarks to import them into my fresh install of firefox .. Is it possible to do ?

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I have tried using the profile manager , copied and pasted old profile to new location , tried to replace the contents of the new profile with the old , but no luck.

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The most comprehensive solution is what you tried: copying the contents of your old profile folder into your new profile folder. When you say that didn't work, what happened?

Usually the problem is locating your old Firefox profile folder because you might find more than one of them. On Windows 7, it should have been here originally:


Try to find your bookmarkbackups folder and copy that to a move convenient location. Then you can import your backup as described in this article:

Backing up and restoring bookmarks (Restoring from Backups) | How to | Firefox Help

Any luck?

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When I tried to "replace " the contents of the old profile to the new one, I kept getting errors when I loaded FF. It would load , but no pages would display , then got some error that said something along the line of the files possibly being read only. I then went to the folder and made sure read only was unchecked for all folders and sub folders.

I will attempt to locate the back ups folder this evening and give that a shot.

Ill advise if it works or not ....


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Awesome , I found the bookmark folder and copied it to a new folder. I did the restore procedure and chose the last one prior to my crash and it imported them perfect..


Thanks for your help !!!!!!!!

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