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i want to know that, is mozilla scans computer in order to protect from virus threats, cause last night mozill do with me same, is it a feature of mozilla or another kind fraud by someone else.

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dear sir/ma'm Last night i was surfing web, suddenly the webpage i was surfing disappeared and another page came, which was showing warning that your computer is running some suspected processes and mozilla is scanning your computer for viruse threats, please do not interrupt the process, and within a few moment so many virus list came in front of me, and then came a message click on button start potection, and a binary file also started downloading while i did not said to do so. cause i've an antivirus hence i closed the firefox and scanned my computer and antivirus show it free of viruses. i want to know what is it??????

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Mozilla does not scan the computer for viruses. That will be a fake scan, and the site that you visited is trying to get you to install some form of malware. The fake scan will inform you that it has detected viruses, then it tells you that you need to install some software and will often say you need to pay for it. The scan is not a real scan and the viruses it allegedly detects are not on your computer.

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Hey Buddy, thanks for help and making me sure that Mozilla does not scan computer for Viruses detection. Will you please tell me that how can i protect my computer against such kind's websites.

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Sites like that depend upon JavaScript. I use the NoScript add-on which by default will disable JavaScript, and allows you to specify what sites you want JavaScript to run on. It takes a while to get NoScript set up so that you can have JavaScript enabled on the sites that you use often. There is a bit of work involved but I prefer the added protection that the add-on gives -

Also make sure you have up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware software installed. I use the free Microsoft Security Essentials -